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Automotive When providing auto glass repair in Pikesville, MD, the one thing you want is a company that has quick and proven results. Living in an area like Maryland means that, more often than not, you need to drive a car in order to get to the places necessary to complete your errands, go to work, or even go out and just have fun.

As a driver, you want to make sure that, in the event of an auto accident or minor crack in your windshield, there is a shop nearby with a quick turnaround which guarantees that you are back on the road in a New York minute. But where do you find an auto glass repair in Pikesville, MD? Surely, there are numerous options.

Usually, your auto insurance company will have suggestions for an auto glass repair shop for you to use. However, these shops are usually backlogged because of all of the suggestions from competing insurance companies. To be sure that you have access to a company that is so efficient that they have openings available when you need them, then look no further than Pikesville Autoglass.

There are auto glass repair shops that provide the repairs you need in the time you need, often better than the original. But how are the repairs able to be done so quickly? Part of that comes from having access to mobile repairs. Mobile auto glass repairs in Pikesville, MD (and Baltimore County) are a convenient option for drivers who are too busy to take their car to a repair shop. In rare cases, an incidence of a horrible car accident or horrible weather may damage the windshield on a car so irreparably that it is not safe to drive on the road. The great thing about mobile auto glass repair like Pikesville Autoglass is that the technicians dispatched on these jobs are able to complete the assigned job in a very short time frame.

Meanwhile, the drivers of these affected cars may spend the time (of the car being repaired) in their home, or somewhere else more pleasant than the waiting room of most auto glass repair shops. In addition to basic windshield repairs, there may also be a need for repairs on luxury car windshields or on the power window regulator.

These specialty parts usually require repairs due to either an accident or simply: wear-and-tear; the window regulators need to be changed. Having access to a company that is capable of providing the type of repair you need, when you need it, is something that cannot be taken for granted. Luckily for Baltimore city and county consumers, there is an auto glass repair company in Pikesville that fit this bill.


Windscreen Repair Vs Replacement

A Dilemma Every Car Owner faces

“Don’t know whether you need to repair or replace your car’s cracked windscreen? Then read this for some guidance.” If you are still driving a car that has a cracked windscreen, then stop it immediately. Driving a car that has a crack on its windscreen is not just unsafe, but it can be illegal as well. That’s right! In many cities, driving a car with a chipped windscreen is against the road-safety rules and you might be charged a hefty fine for it.

So, wondering what the solution is? It’s simple - visit a reputed car servicing company and get the crack repaired or, get the windscreen replaced. There are many people who would not get their cracked windscreen repaired/replaced because they feel that’s going to put a considerable dent in their pocket-book. That is not usually the case. Money definitely matters, but it’s not more important than someone’s life. Hence, do not refrain from repairing or replacing your cracked windscreen.

Now, the obvious question on your mind is, probably - “Should I repair it or replace it?” Well, this is a million-dollar question. Not too long ago I was faced with this dilemma when my car’s windscreen had a chip, due to a minor accident. I soon overcame my dilemma when I had a word with one of my friends who owned a cracked windshield repair company. Wondering, what he told me? He basically told me that repair/replacement of the windshield depends on three major factors. To know those factors, keep reading.

  • Size

  • Depth

  • Location

Size of the crack - After you have noticed a crack or chip on your car’s windshield, the first thing you need to do is check the size. In case you are not able to analyze the size of the crack/chip, make sure you visit a car windshield repair center. The specialists generally say that if a chip is smaller than a quarter or is three inches long, then it can be easily repaired. But, if it’s more than that then you might need to get it replaced by a reputed autoglass repair shop.

Depth of the crack - The depth of the crack is another major factor that will decide whether you need to just repair or replace your windshield. Basically, a car’s windscreen is like a glass sandwich. It consists of an outer layer of glass, plastic interlayer and an inside layer of glass. If the damage is all the way through the outer and inner layer, then it can’t be mended. But in case it has just damaged the outer or the inner layer, then there are fair chances of repairing it.

Location of the crack - Now, this is one of the most important factors that will help the specialist to decide whether he needs to repair or replace it. In case your car’s windshield has sustained a crack that extends to the outer border of the glass, then rest assured, the structural integrity of the windshield has been damaged. So, in such a case you’ll need to immediately get it replaced. Also, if you see that the cracks are parallel to the driver’s vision, please get it replaced instead of repairing it. Why? Because it could blur the vision of the driver! If the crack is situated at a spot that’s nowhere near to the driver’s vision or is far from the outer edge of the windscreen glass, then your car repairing specialist can easily repair it.

After going through this writeup, I’m sure that some of your concerns have been addressed. So, keep these three major factors in mind when thinking about your vehicle’s glass. There’s another suggestion for you: don’t try to fix it yourself, always visit a service center that excels at front and rear windscreen repair. This feature is written by the skillfull staff of Pikesville Autoglass. We service Pikesville, Randallstown, Owings Mills, and other Baltimore County areas. Feel free to reach out to us for any questions you may have. (443) 957-1222